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Our Facilities

Our Facilities
Field Foot & Ankle Clinic

The office was built in 1993 in Griffin, GA, just down the street from Spalding Regional Medical Center. Our interior is stunningly decorated, making you feel very comfortable and confident that you’re at a professional’s office and under the care of someone who takes pride in his facility. When you step inside, you can feel the warmth and sincerity of our environment; this is the same feeling you’ll get from our care.

Our clinic is equipped with six treatment rooms, each with a comfortable hydraulic-lift chair, large computer monitor for viewing your individual X-rays digitally during our consultation, and a TV to help ease your mind or pass the time during any waiting periods. In addition to these features, we also offer state-of-the art medical equipment like on-site vascular testing, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound diagnostics.

The Outpatient Center for Foot Surgery

Unlike many outpatient surgery centers, ours was actually built as part of our main facility. So our patients never have to go far to get the care they need, and they are assured by the familiar surroundings. The surgery center takes up approximately one quarter of our building, and the clean, professional appearance and state-of-the-art features of our clinic are found here as well. We have created a more comfortable setting in which to have your foot surgery, helping to ease your stress and improve the procedure for you.

The facility is certified as an outpatient ambulatory surgery center by the state of Georgia as well as by Medicare. Currently, we are in the process of becoming accredited through JACO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). This premier accreditation and honor recognizes excellence in health care facilities, including hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Forsyth Location

Recently, Dr. Henson decided to branch out a little to care for patients in nearby Forsythe, GA. Forsythe’s Monroe County Hospital is a smaller hospital lacking specialized foot and ankle care. They needed a professional to help with their diabetic patients and those with other foot and ankle problems. Dr. Henson determined to meet this community’s need, opening a new facility in 2011. He now brings the same level of podiatric care to Forsythe.